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November 28, 2021
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Healthy Skin
Who doesn't want beautiful skin? There are many reasons, other than looks, to practice good skin care. We'll note the many advantages of good skin care as well as ways to improve your skin care routine. We’ll also touch on what can happen if you don't practice good skin care and options to consider, including skin cancer life insurance. We...
Drinking a gallon of water a day
While water is a vital element of foods, it can be hard to see how a quoted quantity of this resource stands to benefit fitness goals. And who says that "one gallon" is even the standard? Why not take a liter and rest? Perhaps drinking a gallon of water daily is overrated after all. Does Water Add Any Benefits To...
Is It Safe to Bike When You're Pregnant?
As a soon-to-be mother with an active lifestyle, giving up on your daily physical activities can be hard to give up. You have your legacy’s life in the palm of your hands, and putting an infant at risk of any sort of danger usually sets off a common sense alarm. If you plan to bike while you’re pregnant, consider...

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