Let’s face it, pets are a priority for loyal animal lovers. Their unique personalities make them all the more special, and for some homeowners, a pet-centric renovation is needed to show off their furry friend’s lovable nature.

In a 2018 Houzz article, a referenced survey by the American Institute of Architects on trends in home design revealed a shocking statistic. Homeowner interest in additions such as new rooms for their pets, or in-house kennels, jumped 10% year-over-year. This comes to show that homeowners today seem to take their sidekicks into higher account when designing their home than ever before, and it’s sparked some pretty unique trends. Check out these sentiments from pet-friendly home designers, as well as some tips to align your pet’s personality with your humble abode.

The same article took some advice from an interior designer out of Colorado, Deidre Oliver with Oliver Designs, who has seen an influx of these types of remodels in recent years. She points out that a design which takes your pet into account can add some aesthetic, but should mainly make their lives easier by accommodating to their needs and unique temperament.

For example – if your dog is on the older side and stairs are posing an issue, the popular under-the-stairs option provides a domain without the harsh incline. Or if your pet absolutely hates enclosed spaces and needs some visibility, angling their new space towards an open window can help ease their frustrations when you’re away from home. As you can see, your design is suggested to be responsive to your pet’s specific needs and personality – more specifically, this includes their age, size, any health conditions, and their overall demeanor.

Since a pet-centric remodel is based on a few factors, experts in this kind of design make it clear that every pet can pose a new challenge when designing or redesigning a home around their livelihood. Another recent trend is “catios” and built-in perches around the home for felines to climb to a safe height. These home additions serve a ton of functions – they give your cat some protective shelter and limit free-roaming if it’s not wanted, while still providing a healthy outdoor space and lifestyle. If your kitty is a high climber, heightened catio enclosures are available to let them do their thing. Maybe your cat is a bit older and can’t jump like they used to, so a low-level catio with fewer perches could make life a bit easier. It’s all about giving them their own space with a dash of uniqueness to reflect their little quirks.

One last suggestion for designing your home around your pet, is to think about how your additions play into your home’s aesthetic. A niche example is wall art that doubles as a toy, such as wall-mounted scratching posts, or hanging dog toys around the room for your dog to grab themselves when they’re feeling bored. Even simple signage above your pet’s new catio or under-the-stairs domain will add a simple-yet-necessary dash of personalization.

Check out these images here for some pictures of these growing trends, and some ideas to kick-start your current or future redesign.

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