Do you want to find an activity that can help you relax and put you at reduced risk of sexual diseases? You obviously need to know about sensual massage.

That’s why this article will provide you with detailed information about “What is a sensual massage?”. We hope that you can become more confident with your body and sexual activities after reading it.

What Is A Sensual Massage?

In recent years, this kind of therapy has gained popularity among many people due to its effectiveness for their bodies. However, few people understand its origins and names. Let’s find out below.


Sensual massage was first introduced in Eastern regions and is regarded as a form of art and an efficacious physical remedy. The age of this therapy is more than one thousand years. It has also become popular in many Asia countries such as India and China.

In India, this remedy was a combination of physical and spiritual perspectives. However, in Western areas, this remedy often concentrated on the healing aspects.

Nowadays, people have a different view about this therapy as they usually link it as a crucial element of sexuality.

Other Names

Apart from the common name, this remedy can also be called tantric massage or erotic massage. These variants all point to a solution to boost libido.

Hopefully, the above information has given you an overview of “What is sensual massage?”

Benefits Of Sensual Massage

Although many people acknowledge that this type of activity can bring many benefits to our body, few clearly understand the details of these advantages.

Enhance Sexual Function

The advantages of sensual massage are remarkable. This therapy is a way to enhance libido and boost our great response to sexual stimuli.

In some cases, people often make use of it as a kind of foreplay to boost their sensitivity before engaging in any sexual gratification or arousal.

This therapy is also a solution to help males cope with some sexual problems. A prime example of such problems is premature ejaculation. Sensual massage can help to lengthen arousal and improve their pleasures.

If you do these therapies regularly, this also could help enhance your sexual abilities and rise stamina. This action provides you with an understanding of how to find your pleasures and relaxation, together with reaching the most enjoyable moment during intimate contact.

In case you find it difficult to come to a climax, sensual massage also can be effective for the anorgasmia of women.

Improve Immunity

This therapy is a good way to enhance the flow of blood throughout your body. In turn, your body can boost blood circulation and reduce the symptoms of decreased flow of blood.

When you regularly perform sensual massage, it could offer you many health-related advantages. For example, the number of white blood cells, which are essential for protection from diseases, medical conditions, viruses, or germs, will increase.

Moreover, this therapy also helps to improve the immunity system and lead to a better health condition, thus putting people at reduced risk of triggering medical conditions such as insomnia, pains, anxiety, or injuries.

Reduce Risks Of Illnesses

This kind of remedy can help raise people’s heart rate and maintain the balance of testosterone and estrogen levels.

If you have low levels of these hormones, it could indicate that your body is having some problems such as heart conditions or osteoporosis. Taking part in sexual activities can reduce the risks of triggering heart diseases.

Another advantage of sensual massage is helping you to have a productive sleep.

Suppose you are having some health problems such as difficulties in falling asleep or the usual wake-up at midnight. In that case, this activity also raises the levels of serotonin in your body, which is a good way to prolong your sleep.

Relieve Stress

One of the most basic reasons for doing sensual massage is to relieve stress. This action impacts breaking down and making knotted massages smooth. As a result, it leads to the flexibility and relaxation of our body.

This therapy can be a great approach to lowering your body’s cortisol levels and raising the level of oxytocin, a crucial hormone in the body.

Because of these influences, performing sensual massage could remarkably reduce the rate of physical and mental stress. It also creates dopamine and serotonin, which are two important substances in reducing stress and increasing your happiness levels.

Several Kinds Of Sensual Massage Therapies

Tantric Massage

This type of activity concludes numerous styles of therapy that can bring remarkable impacts on the soft caressing and deep breathing of the genital areas. Some highly erogenous regions like hips, upper thighs, or lower abdomen also receive attention.

When doing tantric massage, your body will focus on the back rather than on the stomach to increase the accessibility of the genitals. On top of that, you can also enjoy it when you are naked.

Full Body Massage

This type of activity will miss out on somebody’s parts like arms, scalp, or hands. Moreover, this could caress all parts of your body and stimulate regions that are not regularly touched in an erotic approach.

While this kind of remedy does not usually consist of breast or genitals as our body parts, people may connect it into a process of full body remedy.

Swedish Massage

It is the most popular kind of therapy, which consists of long flowing strokes, kneading, percussive strokes, or movements. This type of activity helps to create friction that can allow blood and heat to pass through the skin’s surface.

You can experience this type of remedy while you are laying on the stomach, and it is typically focused on the back.

If you are aiming at the improvement of sensuality, it is better to target the buttocks and upper thighs.


Sensual massage is an effective approach to help people relax, improve their body confidence as well as lower the risks of triggering sexual diseases.

Hopefully, this article has informed you with a detailed answer to the question “What is a sensual massage?” so that you can enjoy your sexual pleasures to the fullest.

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