You’ve probably heard of credit unions or known basic information about them. However, many people still wonder, “Which of the following is a unique feature of credit unions?”. Worry not! We’re here to answer your question.

Credit unions have so many unique features, not just one, from better rates to easy requirements to join. They are non-profit cooperatives owned by all of their members; therefore, they are dedicated to assisting their members in saving, borrowing, and providing affordable financial services.

So what are the features of credit unions? Let’s find out!

Features Of Credit Unions


Because a credit union does not have stockholders, it focuses on serving its members. Credit unions’ cooperative structure creates a cycle of mutual support focused on achieving better finance. You will become a credit union member when you open an account with them.

In general, members achieve a variety of financial goals simultaneously. Every member benefits from the credit union’s success.

Requiring Less Strict Eligibility

Credit unions have requirements regarding who can join them, such as living in a particular geographic area, working for a specific employer, or being a part of any community. Even if you no longer match the basic requirements for membership, once you join a credit union, you can stay a member for life.

Your credit union may require you to keep good-standing savings or share the account to keep your membership. After creating one, you can borrow money, create a checking account, or apply for a credit card.

Finding a credit union to join may take some time and work, but it is well worth it.

Working The Same Way As Banks But With Less Fees.

Credit unions provide the same services as banks, including checking accounts, savings loans, and investment opportunities. On the other hand, credit unions have cheaper fees than banks.

Credit unions normally don’t charge ATM fees and charge cheaper transfer fees. Instead of paying shareholders like banks, credit unions can reinvest their earnings in their members, reducing the need to impose fees. As a result, joining credit unions allows their members to save more money.

Better Rates

Credit unions provide greater savings rates as well as cheaper loan interest rates. Credit unions are allowed to transfer surplus money to members in the form of reduced fees, more services, cheaper interest on loans, and bigger dividends on deposits since profits to stockholders aren’t part of the company’s goal.

This means that their members will receive better service and may be able to save money on vehicle loans, student loans, and mortgages.

Benefits That Go Beyond Banking Perk

Credit unions commit to investing in the areas where they operate. While major banks invest in large-scale industrial projects, credit unions collaborate with local organizations to keep profits in their communities.

Other services offered by certain credit unions include individual health insurance and financial advisory services. The majority of credit unions emphasize community enrichment and financial education, with many providing free classes or other educational services to the public.

Members frequently share common interests and like being a part of an organization that helps other members. The purpose is to better the lives of their members while also adding value to the community in which they operate.


Can Everyone Join Credit Unions?

Yes, everyone can join and become a part of credit unions; however, you can only participate in unions with the same common bond, such as the same area, workplace, community, etc.

How Does A Credit Union Maintain Its Work?

A credit union is a non-profit cooperative, which means they use their money to maintain their services and reward their members, not to pay a profit to shareholders.

Which Is Safer: Credit Unions Or Banks?

Both because your money in credit unions is also saved the same way in the bank.


Credit unions are becoming more and more well-known in recent years. They have so many unique features, and of course, everything has its pros and cons. However, you may consider opening one for yourself with all of those benefits.

This is our answer to your question: “Which of the following is a unique feature of credit unions?”. Thank you for reading!