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Knowledge sharing helps to strengthen your personal brand! We all have a personal brand and it's always being altered by what we do, whether we are aware of it or not. I have seen mine shaped in a positive way because of the information I have freely shared.

8 Top Tips for Advancing Your Career

8 Top Tips for Advancing Your Career
If you’re career-driven and looking for your next opportunity, you might be thinking about ways to speed up your progress. While a lot of career opportunities are down to chance, that doesn’t mean you can’t take some things into your own hands. The choices...

An Explanation Of The Relation Between Informed Consent And Belmont Principle

informed consent is considered an application of which Belmont principle
Intro The National Commission of Biomedical Research in 1979 generated the Belmont Report. The Belmont Report is a set of ethical guidelines for research on human subjects. It is a turning point in medical research history. The report developed fundamental ethical concepts. It's easy to understand...

The Cost of Insurance for New Drivers

Cost of Insurance
You did it. You passed the driving test and just got your driver's license. All that’s left to do now is get insurance for your car, but where do you even begin with that?  Car insurance is insurance for motorized vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles,...

How to Make Your Work-from-Home Space More Inviting

Work-from-Home Space
Working from home has many perks amid the current pandemic. Being able to work in comfortable clothing, eliminating the need for takeout lunches, and even removing the headache of a daily commute are all great benefits when working from home. You are also likely saving...

Should You Worry About Termite Larvae On Your Property?

Termite Larvae
Have you started seeing jelly, white-body termite miniatures on your woodshed and cedar sidings? What about your furniture? If yes, what you're seeing is called termite larvae. We understand that these creatures look cute and delicate. Perhaps they are not dangerous. Maybe they won't bring...

Do Cockroaches Bite? What Should You Know?

Do Cockroaches Bite
Ever woke to find cockroaches on your body biting you? Say you didn't see them in the act but did you find lesions and swelling in your body parts? Should you be worried? Do cockroaches bite? Let's find answers to your burning questions! Do Cockroaches Bite? Roaches...

Is A Speeding Ticket A Misdemeanor? What Should You Know

Is A Speeding Ticket A Misdemeanor
Have you just got your first speeding ticket, and you wonder if such won't taint your clean records? It was a minor accident, but you don't want to risk the chance at your career or prospects! But, is a speeding ticket a misdemeanor? If it...

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