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How To Eradicate Cockroaches From Home
The appearance of cockroaches will contaminate your living space and annoy your daily activities. Besides, this small pest also carries bacteria, fungi, and viruses that negatively affect our health. So, how to eradicate cockroaches from home? We will guide you through some simple but effective methods to save your home. Why Do Cockroaches Visit Your Home? Cockroaches can enter your home for...
Termite Larvae
Have you started seeing jelly, white-body termite miniatures on your woodshed and cedar sidings? What about your furniture? If yes, what you're seeing is called termite larvae. We understand that these creatures look cute and delicate. Perhaps they are not dangerous. Maybe they won't bring harm to your properties. Or should you worry? Are these larvae as destructive as adult termites? If...
Do Cockroaches Bite
Ever woke to find cockroaches on your body biting you? Say you didn't see them in the act but did you find lesions and swelling in your body parts? Should you be worried? Do cockroaches bite? Let's find answers to your burning questions! Do Cockroaches Bite? Roaches are survivors that feed on anything. They even feed on themselves, especially the weaker members...

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