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December 6, 2022

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It makes us feel good to help others!

Sometimes we hear about how what we shared helped them and sometimes we don’t. The act of helping is what we love to do. (But, it doesn’t hurt when we find out our tips have had a wonderful effect on the individual – it really takes that good feeling to the next level!)

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Do's and Don'ts of Insulating Your Home in Texas

Do’s and Don’ts of Insulating Your Home in Texas

As a Texan, you know that hot summers and cold winters are just part of life. But there's no reason your home has to suffer through the extreme temperatures with you....
Should Curtains Touch The Floor

Should Curtains Touch The Floor? A Simple Guide For Your Home Decor

Most of us enjoy decorating our homes with lovely new curtains. While we're at it, we wonder if our curtains should be touching the floor. The answer to this question is...
How to Keep Rabbits and Squirrels Out of Your Garden

How to Keep Rabbits and Squirrels Out of Your Garden

Bunny rabbits and squirrels are adorable until they unleash Armageddon on your garden. Then they transform into twitchy, furry demons from hell. However, holy water, silver crosses, and Latin babbling will...
There's a kindness ripple effect! When I share knowledge with others, I sometimes see them do the same. The sharing spreads.