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How New Adults Can Save on Car Costs
Adulthood can be tricky to navigate, especially where money is concerned. If you’re a new adult, you may be surprised at the hidden costs that a car carries with it, from maintenance to insurance.Here are some ways new adults can save on car costs, vehicle upkeep, and insurance. Specifically, we’ll go over how much insurance costs for an 18-year-old...
Cost of Insurance
You did it. You passed the driving test and just got your driver's license. All that’s left to do now is get insurance for your car, but where do you even begin with that? Car insurance is insurance for motorized vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, and so forth. It is used to provide financial protection against damage or injury resulting...
Is A Speeding Ticket A Misdemeanor
Have you just got your first speeding ticket, and you wonder if such won't taint your clean records? It was a minor accident, but you don't want to risk the chance at your career or prospects! But, is a speeding ticket a misdemeanor?If it is, what should you know? What are the charges? Do you face any penalties?Let's find...

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