The appearance of cockroaches will contaminate your living space and annoy your daily activities. Besides, this small pest also carries bacteria, fungi, and viruses that negatively affect our health.

So, how to eradicate cockroaches from home? We will guide you through some simple but effective methods to save your home.

Why Do Cockroaches Visit Your Home?

Cockroaches can enter your home for many reasons.

First of all, your home has rich food resources that nourish cockroaches. The crumbs of bread or opened canned food attract uninvited visitors.

Like humans, cockroaches need a place to live. They love high humid places where small pools stay or pipes leak. Hence, these little enemies usually show up in your bathroom, kitchen, sewer pipes, etc.

The existence of cockroaches also indicates that your home is polluted. Your garbage stays in the kitchen, and the walls are fusty, etc. Therefore, you should check the hygiene in your home to level up the living space.

How To Eradicate Cockroaches From Home

Use Baits

How does bait work? When a cockroach eats the bait, which odors an attractive smell but contains poison, it will turn back to the nest and die there. The other members will eat the dead body and get poisonous. The process keeps continuing, and the cockroaches group comes to an end.

To kill uninvited visitors, you can use diatomaceous earth, baking soda, boric acid, or borax. Baits always work well in eliminating pests quickly and effectively. It’s the best answer to the question “How to eradicate cockroaches from home?”

However, if you overuse this method, the cockroaches can get used to the baits and produce antibodies to defeat the baits. After that, they can live, grow, and worsen the situation. Besides, if you have kids, it may be dangerous for them when eating the baits.

We recommend you contact a professional pest control service to set bait for a better result.

Seal All Entry Points

Although you have killed cockroaches, the new flock may keep entering your home. They can permeate the house via cracked walls, leaking pipes, the door gap, etc.

These gaps are fit for cockroaches and open for many other pests to break into your home. Hence, it would be best to seal them as soon as possible.

Silicone or ceramic are the best choices for you. They are durable, affordable, and safe. However, they will wear out over time, depending on the force impacting them. Consequently, it would help if you rechecked them every month.

Set Glue Traps

The attractive smell of the traps will seduce these little roaches and guide them to step on. Next, the sticky substance will immediately keep them inside the trap until they die of tiredness and hunger.

This method takes about two weeks to kill all the current cockroaches in your house. Additionally, it won’t be very pleasant if you and your family step into the trap. Therefore, you need to consider the best place to set glue traps.

Spray Liquid Concentrates

Instead of killing roaches, you can kick them out of the house with liquid concentrates. Dilute the liquid with water, then spray them into places where you detect the appearance of roaches. It takes a night to see the result only.

You can buy a chemical product or use natural products, including citrus or essential oils. However, this method is temporary only, and it cannot eliminate roaches while they keep coming back.

Remove Attractive Factors To Cockroaches

Cockroaches love food, high moisture, and garbage. They usually live in the bathroom, kitchen, and other places in your home where much stuff locates and overlaps.

When eradicating cockroaches, you need to destroy their home and potential shelters of this creature. Cleaning your home thoroughly, tidying stuff, and getting rid of unused things will help.

You need to restore your food carefully. Once opened, food should be kept in the refrigerator. Never leave garbage or overdue food in your kitchen overnight.


Cockroaches lower our living space, annoy us, and even threaten our safety. You should kill them with baits and glue traps or push them away with liquid concentrates. To prevent them from coming back, cleaning your home is a must.

We hope you find the answer to “how to eradicate cockroaches from home?”. Wish you and your family have a safe and healthy home.

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