The perfect carrot requires the right balance between flavor and sweetness. To get this just right, one must consider the terpenoids and sugar found within the roots of this vegetable.

Therefore, choosing appropriate periods and knowing how to store carrots from the garden are extremely important for the farmers so that the quality of their carrots is the best.

This article will give you an ideal time to start storing carrots and some tips to store them. Keep reading to find out the answer.

The Most Appropriate Period to Harvest Carrots

Don’t worry about harvesting too early or too late. As long as the stems are firm and not bending, harvesting carrots will work out in your favor! What is also important to note is that carrots are biennials – this means that they store fairly well for a year.

Carrots that are ready for harvesting should have a quite rounded or blunted tip, meaning the root itself is ready to be pulled up and enjoyed! This is especially important for crops like carrots which continue to grow even after the seeds have been planted.

However, there is still an ideal period to harvest the carrots. That will be on a dry, cool, and overcast day. This type of weather helps the root become dormant, and since this boosts the energy still in its roots, it means that you’re getting better carrots.

On the other hand, to calculate when your carrots will be ready, it’s best to look at the days to harvest labels on the back of the seed packet. Count 10-12 weeks from today’s date. Then, begin sampling around this time as a safe estimate as they will be well developed with flavor.

How to Store Carrots From the Garden?

Here are some tips on harvesting carrots to ensure they’re as fresh and flavorful as possible with the sweetest taste.

Refrigerator Method

How to Store Carrots From the Garden?
Storing carrots in the fridge

The best temperatures for storing the carrots are from 32 to 38 degrees, and their relative humidity needs to be more than 95%. As long as you have it stored in an airtight container (as zip-close plastic storage bags), you can generally keep carrots fresh using a fridge for up to two to three months.

Pitch carrots in the same sizes into storage bags, then let almost all of the air go out before sealing them and follow storage instructions as you traditionally store regular can goods. Discard any signs of rotting or decay on any of the stored vegetables.

Store with Root-cellar

How to Store Carrots From the Garden?
Storing your carrots in the sand

In case you plant too many carrots in the garden to store all of them in the refrigerator, it is possible for you to put your carrots in sand. Everything you need is to prepare clean and damp play sand. Besides, it would be best to prepare enough containers to hold the crops. You can put your carrots in gallon buckets or plastic crates.

The first thing you need to decide on is whether your plants need sunlight or not. You’ll have to create a hole at the lowest of that particular planter with your hands.

 The next step is getting some nice smooth soil, such as sand, and putting it on the bottom of your chosen planter. Build up soil layers inside your planter, placing each layer around five centimeters deep. The last thing you want to do is add soil into your pot.

Storing Carrots in the Ground

In which the soil holds on to heat during the winter, carrots can be left under the ground year-round until needed. In climates where soil tends to stay cool all winter, it may be worthwhile to insulate with straw or leaves. Next, you have to cover with a plastic sheet that can be easily lifted for harvesting when needed throughout the seasons.

Ensure you are attentive when caring for your carrots in the growing and harvesting stages. Slugs can be especially devastating to carrot plants, so make sure you keep a close watch on them throughout the growing stages.

Most importantly, make sure you consider that after picking and preparing the carrots for storage. You carefully inspect them for holes or discoloration to avoid rotting, which will cause them to lose their optimum flavor and crispness.


Storing carrots is not complicated when you choose the appropriate methods. Now, you already know how to store carrots from the garden, so your next step is to choose the most suitable method and collect your carrots.

If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to support you!

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