We previously covered how you should finish a basement in a new build property, and if you have a basement going spare, there are many uses you might consider. If you live in a place visited frequently by storms, such as tornados, it could be used as a shelter to keep you safe. If you’re a wine enthusiast, you could install shelves and use it as a wine storage to age fine wines.

However if you enjoy playing games, your basement could be converted into a relaxing game room to have a regular poker night with friends. Especially when the weekends come around, one may wish to have a game room at home as it’s a great place to unwind, to entertain, and staying in can help beat the cost of living crisis that just keeps rising every month. In this article, we’ll take a look at some tips for creating the perfect game room.

1. Decide On A Theme

Whether your game room is for video games, darts, or table tennis, you’ll need to decide on a theme so you’ll know how to set up the layout of everything you plan to include. For a video game theme, maybe some gaming chairs or individual recliners to ramp up the gaming experience. For a hockey table, it’s important to make sure there’s enough space around the entire table, and for people to stand around and watch. The size and price of a hockey table can also vary, with smaller models running around $100 and standard regulation models costing around $800. The theme you choose will dictate the size, cost and arrangement of how all the pieces in your game room will come together.

2. Choose The Centerpiece Furniture

Once you’ve chosen your theme, the next component is the centerpiece furniture as it will stand as the main attraction of your game room and complement the theme. For example, you could set up a foosball as the centerpiece of the room for sports enthusiasts to enjoy. If you want a theatre style game room, you could buy some recliner sofas with cup holders for your guests to relax and enjoy a drink in. For a poker game room, a good poker table could really set the mood, and buying a poker table can cost as much or as little as you want — but if your game room is to be a poker room for buddies, you might want to spec up. Remember, your game room has a theme and your centerpiece furniture should amplify the character of your theme.

3. Decorate With Accessories

Use the props of your favorite games to decorate the walls and give the room some personality. If you have table tennis set up, don’t put the paddles in a drawer. Instead, hang them up on the walls and let the wall speak table tennis to the guests. If it’s a poker room, you could have different types of poker chips in a special display case: plastic, clay, and metal. For sports enthusiasts, deck the walls with rackets, balls, sports jerseys and hats of your favorite team. The secret here is to creatively use the props and apparel to decorate your game room, without having to spend more money on shelves to store the equipment.

Playing games is a great way to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. By having a room in your home that is dedicated to your favorite games, you can go all out and transform playing games into an immersive experience that everyone will surely take pleasure in.

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