Alcohol is a common beverage that most people like drinking; some heavy drinkers even drink it daily. If you use alcohol for a long time, it will definitely destroy your health, which leads to many dangerous symptoms.

Thus, it would be best if you understood the effect of alcohol to avoid using it for a long period. Among your body’s parts, read on to know “Which of the following can be affected by alcohol consumption?” and some tips to avoid or reduce drinking alcohol.

Which Of The Following Can Be Affected By Alcohol Consumption?

Digestive System

Alcohol consumption can certainly affect your digestive system, but it won’t be seen clearly at the beginning. The effect will be seen most obviously after the damage occurred or after a long time of consuming alcohol. And if you continue to drink alcohol, these symptoms will be more severe.

Alcohol will gradually destroy the digestive tract, leading to the problem of digesting dishes and absorbing essential vitamins and nutrients good for your health properly. It will result in malnutrition, and other serious symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, gas, etc.

Immune System

Your immune system might be affected when you drink too much alcohol because alcohol will put brakes on your defense. And a weakened immune system will surely have difficulty protecting your body from viruses and germs.

Therefore, a person drinking a lot of alcohol will get sick more easily than others who don’t. The common diseases for long-term drinkers are mostly tuberculosis and pneumonia.

Skeletal And Muscle Systems

Besides affecting the digestive and immune systems, skeletal and muscle systems will be the next part. Alcohol can badly affect your bones and muscles; it will weaken your skeletal system. Therefore, it will make bones more fragile and thinner for heavy drinkers.

It will increase the likelihood of broken bones and fractures if you accidentally fall, especially your bones will take longer to recover. Consequently, alcohol will cause gout, cramping, and even atrophy.


Alcohol will make the pancreas produce some toxic substances; this is the main reason causing pancreatitis and swelling of the blood vessels, and inflammation in your pancreas. These diseases will prevent your body from absorbing nutrients and digesting food.

As mentioned above, the digestive system will be affected seriously. Additionally, long-term drinkers may have pancreatic cancer and diabetes, which is harmful to your health.

How To Avoid Or Reduce The Effects Of Alcohol On Your Body

The best way to avoid the effects of alcohol on your body is not to drink alcohol, especially when you are pregnant or have some health problems. In addition, you can set yourself a limit when drinking or having parties.

If you can absorb a sufficient amount of alcohol, it won’t negatively influence your body. Moreover, you can gradually change your drinking habit by tricking it with non-alcoholic alternatives like soda, juice, and energy water.

Besides, make sure your stomach is full before drinking to slow the alcohol absorption into your body as well as bloodstream. It will reduce the amount of alcohol reaching your body parts like the liver, duodenum, etc.


I believe that you have figured out which of the following can be affected by alcohol consumption? Additionally, you can also learn some effective tips on avoiding and reducing the effect of alcohol on your health.

If you keep drinking alcohol, your digestive system, immune system, pancreas, and skeletal and muscle systems will be seriously affected, decreasing your health. Instead of alcohol, you can use soda, juice, or energy water, and remember to eat before drinking.

Thanks for your reading, we will see you soon!