In every tiring and stressful working session, drinking a can of energy drinks will probably be a method to help keep the mind awake. This beverage is well known for increasing concentration and mental alertness.

With such a great effect, have you ever asked yourself the question “Does it affect health?” and “Can energy drinks cause chest pain?” Continue to follow the answers below to get healthy knowledge about this drink!

Can Energy Drinks Cause Chest Pain?

The answer to this question is “yes”! Energy beverages are well known for increasing concentration and providing refreshment. To do this requires a combination of ingredients such as caffeine, sugar, taurine, carnitine, vitamins, etc. These ingredients are also the cause of hurt symptoms in the upper body. 

In particular, when it comes to the upper body hurt, caffeine is the most talked-about name because it is one of the ingredients with the highest percentage content in this liquid mix. Caffeine causes chest pain, heart palpitations, arrhythmias, and increased blood pressure.

Remember that people with health problems related to heart matters, heartburn, acid reflux, and pancreatitis should not consume this high amount of energy-rich beverage because it can easily lead to chest pain. 

How Do You Contain Chest Pain Caused By Energy Drinks?

For those who are experiencing chest pain after consuming large amounts of power beverages, try these tips below to improve:

  • Practice regular breathing: When hurt or discomfort appears, it will significantly affect breathing, so you should breathe slow and deep.
  • Drink water: Adding an extra amount of water to the body at this time will help you avoid dehydration. If you are experiencing heartburn, you should only swallow a few little sips of water. 
  • Load more electrolytes for the body: In case you have diarrhea after drinking energy drinks, immediately add electrolytes to improve the current condition.
  • Light exercise: You can use yoga or gentle walking, but not exercise too hard after drinking water.

These suggestions will be helpful tips to help you reduce the pain, but don’t expect it to “go away immediately”. The significant thing is that you need to wait for the caffeine in your body to dissipate.

How Much Should Energy Drink Be Safe For The Chest?

Bottled beverages with attractive flavors are always products to attract consumers. In some cases, consuming power beverages only causes you to experience a few minor symptoms. It can become more serious with poisoning problems and endanger lives in the long run.

According to recommendations and research, an adult should only consume 400-milligrams of caffeine for one day. If you add too much caffeine to the body beyond this, it can lead to some side effects.

To these studies, it’s best to drink only 1 or 2 cans of power beverages per day. If you want to protect your body from unwanted side effects actively, you should swallow as little as possible or only take it when you need it.

Can Power Beverages Generate A Heart Attack?

The main factor that helps stimulate alertness is caffeine and other additives. These components increase heart rate and blood pressure. If these conditions become more severe, a heart attack is possible.

Especially people with high blood pressure or heart-related diseases should be careful because it is easy to have a heart attack before these power beverages.

What Kind Of Diseases Can You Get If Consuming Many Power Drinks?

It’s hard to list all the diseases you can get if you drink too many canned beverages. If you always consume large amounts of them, you will be at risk of diabetes, gout, arrhythmia, heart attack, obesity, liver disease, etc.


Perhaps the answers and information in the above section have provided you with a complete answer to “Can energy drinks cause chest pain?”. Although this drink has great uses and we can hardly resist its attraction, you also need to use it in moderation to keep the best health.

Don’t forget to refer to our latest topic to get the most useful knowledge!

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